The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are located in Oceania between Tonga & French Polynesia. This group has fifteen main islands, scattered over 772,000 miles. Because they are in the same time zone as Hawaii, they are sometimes referred to as the “Hawaii down Under”. Of the fifteen islands, Rarotonga and Aitutaki are the most popular destinations for tourist.


Rarotonga is the largest and most visited of the two. It is surrounded by a reef, which has some beautiful white beaches, turquoise waters and a backdrop of mountain peaks. Add to this the dense rain forest, makes for some breathtaking scenery. Rarotonga International Airport is the main gateway to Cook Islands, for the tourist wishing to visit.

cook islands beach


Aitutaki is the second most popular destination in the Cook Islands and is 45 minutes by air from the capital island of Rarotonga. With its lagoon, turquoise waters and blue skies, this is the classic picturesque tropical island. The lagoon is large, taking close to sixty minutes to cross. The Tourist facilities are great, but will not intrude on the natural beauty of the island. For the traveler, there are flights three to five times daily, Monday thru Saturday from Rarotonga.

rarotonga cook inlands

One Foot Island

In addition to Rarotonga & Aitutaki, I would like to mention One Foot Island. This place is known for its blue lagoons & white sandy beach; One-Foot is reachable by boat from Aitutaki. There isn’t much here, but this is one of the most remote locations on earth. As for activities, there are the beaches, snorkeling and swimming.


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